Trinity Sunday Announcements

Our “Heritage Has Talent” fundraiser been extended for just a few more days – through Sunday, June 11th.  We are doing this because a generous member of our Heritage community has offered to match each gift given between May 21stand June 10th.  SO…we again urge EVERYONE in the Heritage PC family to send the email announcing this opportunity to EVERYONE in their email listing and social media accounts.  

(If you have already done this, consider sending an additional “reminder” to your contacts.)

If you are not providing a talent or contributing toward a talent, PLEASE support this by letting all your contacts know.  It won’t work if only our church knows about it. We have raised over $4600 so far thanks to you!  

Our fundraiser expires next Sunday!

The Sunday School class is now watching and discussing Season 3 of “The Chosen” beginning today at 9:00 am.  If you have not seen Season 1 and/or 2, you may stream it from several different platforms such as Angel Studios, YouTube, or Amazon Prime.

This series makes the disciplines and many other people that were part of Jesus’ life come to life while His life story is told.

Sunday school meets in the Heritage Lodge’s library.  All are welcome and encouraged to join us!


Communion Sunday

Gold Bag offering benefitting Free the Captives

Ministry Team for God’s People meets following today’s service

Wednesday, June 7:

Choir Practice: 7:00 PM

May 1 – June 10:

Congregation uses their talents as thank-you’s for donations


Sunday, June 18:

Father’s Day celebration: root beer floats after worship!

Monday, June 19:

Session meeting, 7:00 PM in the church office

Sunday, June 25:

Baptism of the child of a friend of Pastor Mark’s

Deacons’ Sunday