Church officers

Senior Deacon: Pat Schoenfelder (Class of 2021)
Liz Silva (class of 2023)
Betty Brown (Class of 2022)
Laura Hudson (class of 2023) 

Clerk: Sue Crawford
Treasurer: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s House:
Resource & Management: Steve Vetters (Class of 2021)
Property and Church Sales Team: Gary Shapley (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s People:
Fellowship & Hospitality: Jodie Smith (Class of 2021)
Missions & Outreach: Ann Peterson (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s Word:
Worship: Carol Beverlin (Class of 2022)
Christian Education: Katie McMillen (Class of 2022)
Core Group:
Marguerite Lapetina
Ann Peterson
Jodie Smith
Mary Vonderheidt
Gary Wayne Whitfield