4th Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

Highlights from June 19th Session meeting:

  • Heard preliminary report on church survey results (based on 51 responses)
  • Noted improved financial condition based on increased tithes, fund raiser, and refund of property tax payments on former property
  • Approved baptism of child of Ms. MaKenzie Matecki on July 9th during worship service
  • Reviewed list of minimum qualities of any future property considered for our new church home

Today is Deacons’ Sunday. Our three Deacons visit the sick and those who are shut-ins, check on their individual Shepherd Group members, and bring food to help families in time of need.  They also determine how to spend the money from our Deacons’ Fund, which is used to help people with their rent, utility bills, medical insurance payments, prescriptions, as well as helping folks buy gas and groceries. During our offertory today, all the “loose plate” or cash not in specified envelopes will go toward the Deacons’ Fund.  If you would like to write a check for this most worthy cause, please specify on the memo line.  Thank you for supporting this vital ministry!


Deacons’ Sunday

Wednesday, June 27:

Choir Practice: 7:00

Sunday, July 2:

Communion Sunday

Independence Day celebration

Gold Bag offering for Free the Captives

Tuesday, July 4:

Independence Day

Saturday, July 15

Presbytery Meeting @ Spring Branch PC

Sunday, July 16:

Christmas In July Celebration

Sunday, July 23:

Deacons’ Sunday