10th Sunday After Pentecost

A New Sunday School class begins today and continues every Sunday in August:

“Presbyterianism 101”

(or “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Our Church – But Were Afraid To Ask”)

Beginning today, Pastor Mark will be teaching a four-week class on what it is to be a presbyterian, including:

  • a brief history of our denomination – including why there are 10 different presbyterian denominations today;
  • our governmental structure: the local church, the local presbytery, regional synod, and General Assembly;
  • specific history of Heritage PC: October 1980 up to present day.

Sunday school meets in the Lodge’s library and begins at 9:15 AM.

All are welcome, encouraged, and invited to join us!

It’s Nominating Committee season!

Each year, about this time, our Nominating Committee begins its work of selecting potential church officers to fill various roles in our church. 

This year, we need the following:

  • 2 Session Elders
  • 1 Deacon
  • 3 congregational members

Please prayerfully consider this important work, and let Elder Ann Peterson know if you are interested.

Current Session:

Scott Hudson: Property Elder

Chris Cancila: Resource & Management Elder, Treasurer

Liz Silva: Worship Elder

Cheryl Bateman: Christian Education Elder

Mindy Boyd: Fellowship & Hospitality Elder

Ann Peterson: Mission & Outreach Elder

Board of Deacons:

Sally Luker            Anna Record          Laura Hudson

Fun fact: Recently, our “Heritage Has Talent” fundraiser produced more than $10,000 for our church.

To continue this great work, we are selling some items from our church storage units.  By doing this, we are raising additional funds, as well as moving items out of the church storage units that are not needed in the future.

(Storage sales have raised about $1700 so far!)

Since we originally put these items in storage in December 2012, the prices to rent these two units has almost DOUBLED in price

(Monthly rents will increase AGAIN September 1st!)

We need to do something FAST!

So…if you are curious or would like to “shop a little”

or just want to help empty out part of our storage units, please let Pastor Mark know ASAP!


Our Choir Returns!

Sunday School Class begins: Presbyterianism 101

Communion Sunday

Gold Bag Offering for Free the Captives

Wednesday, August 9:

Choir rehearsal: 7:00 PM in the Ballroom

 Monday, August 14:

Session meeting, 7:00 PM in the church office

Monday, August 28th:

First Day of School for all Cy-Fair ISD schools