Fourth Sunday of Easter Announcements

Highlights from April’s stated Session meeting:

  • Arranged for the 2020 financial review
  • Heard an update on our lawsuit vs. HCAD (in an effort to get back some of our 2018-19 property taxes that we believe were unfairly assessed)
  • Pastor’s response to annual review
  • 40-day countdown began on Monday, April 5 for the contract to sell our church property; earnest money deposited with the title company
  • Preliminary discussion of idea to start a Pastor’s Bible Study; email to gauge interest will be sent to the congregation
  • Preliminary financial reports indicate that we are more than $600 AHEAD for the year!!!
  • Staff Appreciation Day for Postma Elementary will be held in May

Today is Deacons’ Sunday.  We are one of the few small churches that still has a Board of Deacons.  Our four Deacons maintain and update the Prayer Chain, visit the sick and those who are shut-ins, and bring food to help families in time of need.  They also determine how to spend the money from our Deacons’ Fund, which is used to help people with rent, utility bills, medical insurance payments, prescriptions, as well as helping folks buy gas and groceries.  During our offertory today, all the “loose plate” or cash not in specified envelopes will go toward the Deacons’ Fund.  If you would like to write a check for this most worthy cause, please specify on the memo line.  Thank you for supporting this vital ministry!

Last Sunday’s tithes and offerings = $1515.00*
(includes $500 earnest $ from previous sales contract!) Thank you for your generosity!

HPC Staff and Officers

Ministers:  All the members of the church

Pastor: Rev. Mark Plunkett            

Music Director: Nancy Kissinger

Accompanist: Cathy Wafford

Worship Tech Coordinator: Keiana Kreitz

Nursery Attendant: Elizabeth Cisneros

Young Music Ministers: Dylan Gamble and Keiana Kreitz    

Church officers:


Senior Deacon: Pat Schoenfelder(Class of 2021) 

Liz Silva (class of 2023)

Betty Brown (Class of 2022)           Laura Hudson (class of 2023)


Clerk:  Sue Crawford                               Treasurer: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s House: 

Resource & Management: Steve Vetters (Class of 2021)

Property and Church Sales Team: Gary Shapley (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s People: 

Fellowship & Hospitality: Jodie Smith (Class of 2021)

Mission & Outreach: Ann Peterson (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s Word: 

Worship: Carol Beverlin (Class of 2022)

Christian Education: Katie McMillen (Class of 2022)

Core Group: 

Marguerite Lapetina              Ann Peterson               Jodie Smith

Mary Vonderheidt      Gary Wayne Whitfield

Calendar of upcoming events

TODAY                        Deacons’ Sunday

Friday, April 30           Memorial for Rev. Dean Pogue @ Memorial Drive PC, 11 AM

Sunday, May 2            Communion Sunday

                                     Free the Captives gold bag offering

Thursday, May 6         National Day of Prayer

Sunday, May 9             Mother’s Day
                                      Peanut Butter & Jam 4 CAM begins

Thursday, May 13        Ascension of the Lord

Sunday, May 23           Day of Pentecost: WEAR RED TO CHURCH

Monday, May 31          Memorial Day (church office closed)

Sunday, June 6             Communion Sunday

                                       Free the Captives gold bag offering

                                       Peanut Butter & Jam 4 CAM ends

Sunday, July 11           “Christmas In July” lunch celebration