Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Announcements

Pastor’s dreams for our church: Trip to the Holy Land

A few members and friends from our church were scheduled to travel to the Holy Land for ten days during the fall of 2020.  Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to those plans.  The dream has NOT changed – we still plan on traveling to this special place – but only when it can be done safely.  Currently, Israel leads the world in mass vaccine distribution to its citizens; however, the people on the West Bank, where many of the Christian holy sites are located, have received virtually no vaccines at all.  Until this situation is drastically changed, it will be unsafe for us to travel to the Holy Land.  We will continue monitoring and planning for this special trip, and we hope it can still occur someday soon.

Nominating Committee update: Because of changes to the Committee from 2020, their election was required before they could begin work on filling a vacancy on the Session.  Now the following is in the works: 

  • Elder Gary Shapley, who was recently elected to the Session, will move to head the Property Committee.  
  • The Nominating Committee is moving to nominate Elder Steve Vetters to fill the Resource & Administration position on Session, which will complete the last year of a three-year term.  
  • Session must first set the date for a new congregational meeting in order to properly fill this position.  That will happen sometime in early February.  More information will be announced soon. 

Today is the fifth Sunday of this month, and that means it’s “Stump the Choir” Sunday!  On this Sunday, the members of the congregation select ALL the hymns for our worship service – even the offertory anthem.  When the time for a hymn arrives, the pastor will ask for suggestions, and the congregation may call out a specific hymn for the choir to sing.  If the choir is not “stumped” – we sing one or two verses!  But remember: the music director gets to choose the final hymn!

Property Sales Countdown:  Effective Sunday, January 31, 2021, the sales contract on our church property has been in effect for 56 days.  The contract has a 90-day inspection period, so we have about another month to go before closing. You haven’t stopped praying, have you ?!?!?

Jan. 24th Worship and congregational meeting attendance = 60 (Zoom and in-person)