Fifth Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

As previously announced:

  1.  Masks and social distancing during all church services and events are OPTIONAL.  
  2. We TRUST everyone to make the best decisions for themselves, as well as for your fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.
  3. We will RESPECT everyone’s choices and support them.
  4. We will CONTINUE with our hybrid (in-person + Zoom) worship services for the time being.
  5. We want EVERYONE to feel WELCOME, INVITED, and ENCOURAGED to join us for the worship of God!


  1.  The church retained the services of a commercial real estate agent, who specializes in church property. 
  2. We are looking near the greater 290 corridor.  This is the location that virtually all of you indicated would work for a new church home.
  3. Session will determine what portion of our building fund will be used purchase/ build our new church home – and exactly how best to spend those funds.
  4. Whatever is decided, any purchase or financing decisions must be made by a vote of our church membership at a future congregational meeting.
  5. And keep praying for our church’s future!

Last Sunday’s tithes and offerings: $400.00 PLEASE remember to support your church – especially during the summer months.  Thank you!

Today is Deacons’ Sunday.  All “loose plate” will go to our Deacons’ Fund, which is used to help people in need.  If you wish to donate via check, please make it out to the church and add “Deacons’ Fund” to the memo line.  Thanks so much!


TODAY                                 Deacons’ Sunday

                                             Meeting of the Ministry Team for God’s People (to be held in the ballroom immediately following our worship service today)

Sunday, July 4             Communion Sunday

                                      Independence Day

Sunday, July 11          “Christmas in July” lunch celebration

July 11 – August 1     Choir is off for vacation

Sunday, August 8        Synod Sunday

                                      Elder Shelley Hernandez preaches

                                       Choir returns!

Monday, August 23      First Day of School in Cy-Fair ISD

Sunday, Sept. 5           Hawaiian shirt Sunday

                                      End-of-Summer luncheon

Monday, Sept. 6           Labor Day (church office closed)

Fall 2021                          HPC Sunday school classes resume