Eighth Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

TODAY we welcome back Johnie Wood to our pulpit!

Johnie Wood is a crisis chaplain-at-large and Presbyterian Church (USA) Inquirer for ordination. A retired military officer, he earned degrees in Political Science from the University of Nebraska and International Relations from Troy State University. Johnie worked in Psychological Operations, Counter-terrorism, and Security Assistance. He served at various times as a Counterterrorism Analyst, Assistant Director of International Affairs at the Air Command and Staff College, and Senior Analyst at the Coalition Assistance Center. In 2020 he graduated earned a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the proud husband of Jennifer Wood, father of five, and grandfather of two.  Johnie and Pastor Mark become acquainted during Pastor Mark’s service on the Presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry.

Remember that our choir is off until Sunday, August 8th.  We appreciate their gifts and wish them a relaxing break!

Highlights from July 12th Session meeting:

  • Heard reports from the church treasurer regarding our finances through half of 2021, including the money from the sale of the church property
  • Discussed agreement with our commercial real estate broker 
  • Identified three options for future church home:
    • Buy existing church building
    • Buy land and construct new church building
    • Buy existing building and remodel into a church (this could include a large house)
  • Approved Pastor Mark attending the Small Church Pastors’ Retreat at Mo-Ranch in October
  • Heard plans to support Postma Elementary School in 2021-22


TODAY                          Johnie Wood preaches

Sunday, July 25           Deacons’ Sunday

Wed. August 4             Choir practice resumes

Sunday, August 1        Communion Sunday

                                       “Gold Bag” offering for Free the Captives

Sunday, August 8        Synod Sunday

                                       Elder Shelley Hernandez preaches

                                       Choir returns!

Sunday, August 15      “Family Reunion Sunday”

                                         Pot-Luck Lunch following worship

Sunday, August 22      Sunday school classes resume

Monday, August 23      First Day of School in Cy-Fair ISD

Sunday, Sept. 5           Hawaiian shirt Sunday

                                         Communion Sunday

Monday, Sept. 6           Labor Day (church office closed)

HPC Staff and Officers

Ministers:  All the members of the church

Pastor: Rev. Mark Plunkett            

Music Director: Nancy Kissinger

Accompanist: Cathy Wafford

Worship Tech Coordinator: Keiana Kreitz

Nursery Attendant/Worship Set-Up: Elizabeth Cisneros

Young Music Ministers: Dylan Gamble    and Keiana Kreitz    

Church officers:


Senior Deacon: Pat Schoenfelder (Class of 2021) 

Betty Brown (Class of 2022)

Laura Hudson (class of 2023)

Liz Silva (class of 2023)


Clerk:  Sue Crawford                               

Treasurer: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s House: 

Resource & Management: Steve Vetters (Class of 2021)

Property and Church Sales Team: Gary Shapley (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s People: 

Fellowship & Hospitality: Jodie Smith (Class of 2021)

Mission & Outreach: Ann Peterson (Class of 2023)

Ministry Team for God’s Word: 

Worship: Carol Beverlin (Class of 2022)

Christian Education: Katie McMillen (Class of 2022)

Core Group: 

Marguerite Lapetina   Ann Peterson   Jodie Smith

Mary Vonderheidt   Gary Wayne Whitfield