9th Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

It’s that time of the year again: our Nominating Committee begins its work on August 1st, with Elder Katie McMillen serving as this year’s chair.  Each year the outgoing church officers and a few congregation members work together to find church members to serve as Session elders, Deacons, and to serve on next year’s Nominating Committee.  This is important work; all presbyterian churches are run by the local Sessions.  All congregations elect their own church officers.  If you are asked to serve, please prayerfully consider the request.  We will need a new Worship elder, a new Christian Education elder, and one Deacon.And don’t forget to pray for our Nominating Committee!

July worship attendance:

July 3: 35

July 10: 40

July 17: 43

July 24: 35

July 31: 39

July average: 38

YTD Average: 40

Month of August

Nominating Committee begins working


Communion Sunday

Gold Bag offering for Free the Captives

Choir returns!

Monday, August 8th

Session meeting via Zoom, 7:00PM

Monday, August 22nd

School begins in Cy-Fair ISD

Sunday, August 28th

Deacons’ Sunday

Deacons’ meeting, 7:00PM via Zoom

Sunday, September 4th

Communion Sunday

Gold Bag offering for Free the Captives

Monday, September 5th

Labor Day – Church office CLOSED