6th Sunday of Easter Announcements

We are JOYFUL today that these five people are joining our church:

Rae Frasch (transfer of letter)

Tim & Joan Jenkinson (transfer of letter)

Okwara (ND) Ndybyisi (reaffirmation of faith)

Anna Record (transfer of letter)

If you are not yet a member of our church, we hope you will consider officially joining us!

Today is Deacons’ Sunday.  Our four Deacons visit the sick, check on their individual Shepherd Group members, and bring food to help families in time of need.  They also determine how to spend the money from our Deacons’ Fund, which is used to help people with rent, medical insurance payments, prescriptions, gas and groceries.  During our offertory today, all the “loose plate” or cash not in specified envelopes will go toward the Deacons’ Fund.  If you would like to write a check, please make it out to the church and specify “Deacons’ Fund” on the memo line.  Thank you for supporting this vital ministry!


Today we recognize and congratulate the following graduates:

Dylan Gamble – Cy-Lakes High School

Sam Taylor – Cy-Lakes High School

Heather McMillen – 

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, 

Stephen F. Austin University

Savannah McMillen – 

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Texas Tech University



We celebrate and congratulate our WONDERFUL graduates!

New members joining our church!

Deacons’ Sunday

Thursday, May 26th

Ascension of our Lord

Sunday, May 29th

Memorial Day weekend

Stump the Choir Sunday

Sunday, June 5th


Communion Sunday

Gold Bag offering for Free the Captives

Sunday, June 12th

Trinity Sunday

Sunday, June 19th

Father’s Day