1st Sunday in Lent Announcements

Today our church returns to our traditional method of collecting the Sunday offering.  During the singing of the offertory anthem, two ushers will circulate throughout the ballroom collecting the offering in plates.  Please put your tithes in the plates and return them to the ushers.  

Thank you for your help!

Today is “Gold Bag Sunday.”  On this day, every table will have a few small gold bags. This special offering benefits Free the Captives, an organization that works to end human trafficking in our country – and especially in our area.  All donations to this worthy cause should be put in the gold bags and placed in the offering plates when they come around.

Thank you for your support!


Communion Sunday

Gold Bag Sunday – benefitting Free the Captives

March 12 – March 20: Spring Break

Pastor Mark on “stay-cation”

Sunday, March 13th

Daylight Savings time begins

Sunday, April 10th


Thursday, April 14th

Maundy Thursday service with Communion

7:00 PM

Friday, April 15th

Good Friday vespers and Stations of the Cross

7:00 PM

Sunday, April 17th

Easter Sunday


Ministers:  All members of Heritage PC

Pastor: Rev. Mark Plunkett

Church Office Administrator: Wendy, Ballard

Music Director: Nancy Kissinger

Worship Tech Administrator: Dylan Gamble

Worship Set-up Coordinator:  Elizabeth Cisneros

Young Music Ministers:

Ashlyn Colwell                      Dylan Gamble

Skylar Lloyd                          Sam Taylor

Ministry Team for God’s House:

Property: Gary Shapley

Resource & Management: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s People:

Fellowship & Hospitality: Mindy Boyd

Mission & Outreach:  Ann Peterson

Ministry Team for God’s Word:

Christian Education:  Katie McMillen

Worship: Carol Beverlin


Betty Brown       Laura Hudson

Sally Luker      Liz Silva

Core Group:

Marguerite Lapetina     Ann Peterson

Jodie Smith         Gary Wayne Whitfield