Youth Sunday 2022 Announcements

Youth Sunday is TODAY!

Our speaker today is Cuquis Robledo.  

She is a native Houstonian and recently became a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Associate. She graduated in 2022 with an MS in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at the University of St. Thomas, Houston. Prior to that, she received her BA in Psychology from Duke University in 2017, and an MA in Interactive Media from Elon University in 2019. Growing up, Cuquis learned at a young age how to advocate for herself due to her physical disability (she has a form of dwarfism that makes her short stature). As a result, Cuquis has worked with the disability community and has used her love of videography to advocate for the disability community and to empower people with disabilities to advocate for themselves. She is also an award-winning videographer, an actress and playwright, and is a Co-Chair for the Dwarf Artist Coalition, a committee within the larger national organization, Little People of America. In her spare time, she loves Latin dancing and creating new choreographies for Zumba. Her love of the arts and dance is a tool Cuquis incorporates with her counseling clients, and she continues to find ways to incorporate the arts in her everyday life.  She and Pastor Mark have been great friends since she was in his sixth-grade class way back in 2006!

Highlights of Oct. 10 Session meeting:

  • Heard report from our treasurer that we are currently running an annual deficit of over $7000;
  • Update on Stewardship campaign for 2023, budget to be written during November and December Session meetings;
  • Discussed upcoming Presbytery meeting with over 30 amendments to our Book of Order being voted upon during that meeting;
  • Heard a report from Pastor Mark regarding our attempts to be reimbursed by HCAD for overpayment of taxes on our former property.

TODAY, October 16th

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