Twenty Fifth Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

Highlights from November 8 Session meeting:

  • Approved new $5000 tech grant proposal
  • Prepared for 2022 Budget writing meeting on Monday, November 15th
  • Set date for Session examination of new church officers
  • Discussion of current social distancing/mask policy
  • Heard decision of Deacons to send “goodies” to first-responders and medical personnel in our church as our “thank you” for their continuing good and faithful work; this will be done prior to Thanksgiving
  • Heard update on annual reviews for Mark, Nancy, and Cathy
  • Our average weekly worship attendance is approximately 75% of our pre-pandemic totals…
  • We are hoping to add as many as two more Young Music Ministers.  If you know of any high school or college age students, please let them know…
  • If we are awarded the $5000 tech grant that we applied for from our Presbytery, it will mean that almost $90,000 has been awarded to our church since 2013…
  • We are planning a Blue Christmas service on Sunday, December 19th at 7:00 PM.  This will be a very special service for those who feel the pain of loss especially during the holidays.  We want them to never forget God is still there (and we are too!)




Monday, November 15

Morning: Postma “Pie Day” for the staff

Annual budget writing meeting of the Session 7:00 PM

Sunday, November 21

Christ the King Sunday

Thursday, November 25

Thanksgiving Holiday

Sunday, November 28

1st Sunday of Advent: Hope

Sunday, December 5

2nd Sunday of Advent: Peace

Advent Pancake Breakfast

Communion Sunday

“Gold Bag” Sunday benefitting Free the Captives

Saturday, December 11, 11:30 AM

Ladies’ Christmas Luncheon @ French Quarter Restaurant

Sunday, December 12

3rd Sunday of Advent: Joy

Choir Program

Sunday, December 19

4th Sunday of Advent: Love

Blue Christmas service at 7:00 PM