It’s Gonna Take Some Faith

Heritage Presbyterian Church

April 21, 2019
Easter Sunday
Scripture reading – Luke 24: 1-12

Last Thursday morning, I was leaving the doctor’s office after a successful check-up.  I was in a little bit of a hurry because it was Holy Week, and I still had some things to do back at the church office.  So, as I scurried down the hall toward the parking garage, I didn’t see the woman who was staggering down the hall, crying hysterically, or the man walking with her trying to hold her up and waving to another woman for help.  Somehow, as I was about 20 yards down the hall, something one of them said caught my ear…something about a doctor yelling at her and ordering her out of his office.  I turned back.

When I approached them, the poor woman was lying on a bench with two people trying to get her to tell them what happened.  It took the three of us a few minutes to get her story, and we were able to convince her to get into a wheelchair and go downstairs. 

She refused to go into the emergency room, so we took her to the only other place we could think of: the chapel.  There, we found a clean, quiet place on the floor so she could stretch out; she was in pain, and lying down was the only way she could get comfortable.  It took a few more minutes of talking to get her story and to get her to calm down.  She phoned her husband who told her he was on his way. 

Another man entered the picture at this point; he was a patient liaison who worked to resolve problems…perfect man for the job!  Now we were getting somewhere, and we could resolve this situation.