Second Sunday in Lent Announcements

We are back in the Heritage Lodge this Sunday!

As the renovations on the Heritage Lodge get close to being complete, remember that the Lodge Board of Directors reduced our rent by more than half for most of 2020 and all of 2021.  We get to use this beautiful building for our worship activities, and we also get the benefits of all the improvements.  Praise the Lord for this worship space with our friends!

Property Sales Countdown: The current sales contract ends on April 7th, so we have about 39 days to go (counting from Feb. 28th)…Keep praying!

Souper Bowl of Caring Final Tally = $775.00!  Thank you so much!

Weekly Tithes and Offerings – February 23rd deposit: $177.54

We know that the last two weeks have been a struggle in the life of our church, but our offerings are WAY down when compared to last month or February 2020.  We cannot sustain our current monthly budget with the offerings we have received.  Remember that any time we run short of funds, we are forced to remove some money from our building funds.  When we sell our church property, we want to have as much in that fund as possible in order to find and purchase our next church home.  

If at all possible, please give generously to support YOUR church!
Thank you for your faithful participation!

Pastor’s dreams for our church: Multiple Worship Services

If we have a small church building at our future church home (and most likely – we will!) and we begin to have much bigger crowds for worship, that is a good time to add services.  HOWEVER, if we don’t get any bigger, that is also a good time to add services.

Perhaps we might consider the following options: 

  1. There is a big, traditional PCUSA church that added an informal, early serviceto meet in their fellowship hall.  Guitars and electronic keyboards provide the music, everyone sits around tables, and everyone is encouraged to bring their own breakfast and coffee. (All food and beverages are gone by the time the Scriptures were read.)  Words for everything are projected on a big white screen, so no books or papers are needed.  It is a fun worship service (and a great chance for seminary interns to lead worship!).
  2. Traditional worship could become even more traditional!  Why not add choir robes to the choir members?  Hymnals and Bibles would be carefully placed and maintained so that worship took on a more prepared, more solemn tone.  The pews could be spotlessly maintained each week.  The carpet would be clean with no stains at all.  If we have a sanctuary, then it is our responsibility to keep it as nice as we can; it’s a “respect thing.”
  3. Has anyone ever thought of holding a “Seeker Service?”  This would be aimed at the unchurched in our area.  It might be held on either Saturday or Sunday evenings.  Again, choice of music might be up to the people attending, but the preacher and liturgist would dress “office casual” without the various trappings of ministerial dress.

These are just some of the worship ideas we have discussed over the years. 

So…what are YOUR dreams?

Did you know…

Despite all the chaos during 2020, our church still gave over $500 for the year to Free the Captives!

Speaking of giving, today is Deacons’ Sunday.  We are one of the few small churches that still has a Board of Deacons.  Our four Deacons maintain and update the Prayer Chain, visit the sick and those who are shut-ins, and bring food to help families in time of need.  They also determine how to spend the money from our Deacons’ Fund, which is used to help people with their rent, utility bills, medical insurance payments, prescriptions, as well as helping folks buy gas and groceries.  During our offertory today, all the “loose plate” or cash not in specified envelopes will go toward the Deacons’ Fund.  If you would like to write a check for this most worthy cause, please specify on the memo line.  Thank you for supporting this vital ministry!