On the Fourth of July weekend, we celebrate and thank God for the freedoms and blessings He has bestowed on our country.  We do not count ourselves as better than other countries, or more blessed; instead, we take the time to notice what we usually take for granted: freedom to worship as we please, freedom to protest and to speak out against those things that trouble us, freedom to elect whomever we wish to vote for, freedom to raise our families in our ways, and especially freedom to gather in the Heritage Lodge without fear of others preventing us from doing so.  On this Independence Day weekend, let us praise our God for all our freedoms! 

Summer Sermon Series: Old Testament Prophets

For the rest of June and all of July, I am going to preach a sermon series on the Old Testament prophets.  These brave men were the voices of God to His people in the ancient years of Israel.  In times of trouble, the people of God were still given repeated chances to return to His loving arms.

June 19: Elijah (1st Kings 19) & Elisha (2nd Kings 5)
June 26: Malachi 3: 5-7
July 3: Jonah 3:1-10 and Nahum 1:2-13

Next Sunday, we will have our annual “Christmas in July” luncheon.  Immediately following our worship service, our Ministry Team for God’s People will serve a pizza lunch for everyone.  Drinks and everything to go with a pizza luncheon will be provided, so no need to bring anything.

There will also be a small gift exchange!!

Please find a gently used Christmas ornament you no longer use that would be suitable for trading.  Please wrap up your ornament and the gift exchange will follow the luncheon.  We hope everyone will join us!


Communion Sunday

Independence Day celebration

Gold Bag Offering for Free the Captives

Monday, July 4th

Independence Day holiday – church office closed

Sunday, July 10th

Christmas In July luncheon – pizza for everyone!

Gently used Christmas ornaments for gift excnahge!

Sunday, July 10th – Sunday July 31st

Choir vacation

Saturday, July 16th

Presbytery meeting, 1st PC/Bryan

Monday, July 18th

Session meeting, 7:00 PM via Zoom

Sunday, July 24th

Deacons’ Sunday

Deacons’ meeting, 7:00 via Zoom