Easter Announcements


All the Easter lilies on the front stage have been purchased.  Please take yours home following our worship service today.  Thank you so much for adding to our Easter festivities!


We still have LOTS of yard signs like the one pictured above to give away this morning.  If you would like one, they are available on the table near the entrance.

The Easter lilies decorating our worship space are given by the following folks:

GIVEN BY:                                          IN MEMORY OF:

Anna Record                                       Harriet Lou

Cheryl Bateman                                  My father, Ted Guest

Darlene Unruh                                     Ken Unruh

Chris Cancila                                       Our parents

Mindy Boyd                                          Kenneth & Marilyn Wilson          

Nancy & JC Kissinger                         Frances & Johnny Kissinger

                                                              Florence & Walter B. Purdy

Sally & Rick Luker                               Mary Vonderheidt

                                                              Maurine Vonderheidt

Liz Silva                                                Richard Silva

                                                              Lois & Owen McGarity

                                                              Mabel & Foster Silva

Jeanne & Mark Plunkett                     Gene Piga, Louise & Dan Junkin, Bob Plunkett

 GIVEN BY :                                            IN HONOR OF:

The Peterson Family                          Organ donors and their families

Jeanne & Mark Plunkett          Doris Piga, Pat Plunkett, our children, grandchildren