3rd Sunday after Epiphany Announcements

There will be a meeting of the congregation on Sunday, January 29, to be held immediately following our worship service.  The following business will take place:

  1. The congregation will vote on the pastor’s annual terms of call.
  2. The congregation will vote on the proposed slate of church officers.
  3. The 2023 Budget and the overall financial situation of our church will be presented and discussed
  4. Each committee chair makes a brief presentation about the work that committee accomplished in 2022 and plans for 2023.


Step 1: Nominating Committee presents slate of officers to the Session who sets the date for a congregational meeting. [DONE]

(NOTE: the Session does NOT vote on proposed church officers except as part of the congregation.)

Step 2: At the congregational meeting on January 29th, Pastor Mark introduces the chair of the Nominating Committee who presents the slate of proposed officers to the congregation for a vote.

Step 3: If the slate of officers is approved by the congregation, all of them meet with Pastor Mark for general church officer training, as well as training for their specific job descriptions.

Step 4: The Session “examines” the nominated officers during a Session meeting to gauge their fitness for office. Once the examination is over, the Session votes on sustaining their examination.

Step 5: The new church officers are ordained and installed during a worship service sometime in early February.

Your PROPOSED Session

Moderator: Pastor Mark Plunkett

Clerk to the Session: Sue Crawford

Treasurer: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s House

Property Committee: Scott Hudson (nominated)

Resource & Management Committee: Chris Cancila

Ministry Team for God’s Word

Christian Education: Cheryl Bateman (nominated)

Worship: Liz Silva (nominated, 1-year term)

Ministry Team for God’s People

Fellowship & Hospitality: Mindy Boyd

Mission & Outreach: Ann Peterson

Board of Deacons

Laura Hudson        Sally Luker        Anna Record (nominated)

TODAY   Sunday, January 22:

Deacons’ Sunday

Sunday, January 29:

Annual meeting of the congregation

Stump the Choir Sunday!

Sunday, February 5:

Communion Sunday

Gold Bag Sunday benefitting Free the Captives

Sunday, February 12:

Souper Bowl of Caring

Monday, February 13:

Session meeting, 7:00 PM in the church office

Wednesday, February 22:

Ash Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Lent begins

Saturday, February 25:     Towne Lake Car Show