12th Sunday After Pentecost Announcements

Make plans to join us after worship TODAY for our End of Summer Bash!  We will share a lunch of salads and desserts.

In conjunction with the Summer Bash, we invite the congregation to make a cash donation to our next Mission effort, which will benefit clients of Cy Fair Helping Hands. CFHH works to help the homeless of Cy-Fair to become self-sufficient. We supported CFHH both this year and last with our Souper Bowl of Caring food drive. 

As we enjoy lunch with one another today, we will be collecting money to make sack lunches for some of our homeless neighbors. The sack lunches our committee makes – consisting of a turkey sandwich, chips, fruit, a drink, and dessert – will be distributed through CFHH’s Street Outreach Program. To support this Mission effort, please make your cash donation today. 

Please be sure to indicate that your gift is for “sack lunches.“

This church serves several missional opportunities throughout the year:

Postma Elementary School

Undies For Everyone

Cypress Assistance Ministries Food Pantry

Souper Bowl of Caring

Free The Captives

3 PCUSA Denominational Special Offerings

It’s that time of the year again: our Nominating Committee began its work on August 1st, with Elder Katie McMillen serving as this year’s chair.  Each year the outgoing church officers and a few congregation members work together to find church members to serve as Session elders, Deacons, and to serve on next year’s Nominating Committee.  This is important work; all presbyterian churches are run by the local Sessions.  

All congregations elect their own church officers.  If you are asked to serve, please prayerfully consider the request.  We will need a new Worship elder, a new Christian Education elder, and one Deacon.

And keep praying for our Nominating Committee !

Month of August

Nominating Committee begins working

TODAY, August 28th

End of Summer Bash – Lunch served following Worship

Deacons’ Sunday

Deacons’ meeting, 7:00PM via Zoom

Sunday, September 4th

Communion Sunday

Gold Bag offering for Free the Captives

Monday, September 5th

Labor Day – Church office CLOSED

Monday, September 19th

Session meeting, 7:00 PM via Zoom

Sunday, September 25th

Deacons’ Sunday

Deacons’ meeting, 7:00PM via Zoom

October 2nd

World Communion Sunday