Heritage Has Talent

Heritage Has Talent

The congregation of Heritage Presbyterian Church welcomes you to Heritage Has Talent. When we discovered all the skills, experiences, talents, and gifts in our congregation we felt it would be wrong to not share these blessings with you. God has graced our members with the ability to sing, sew, and cook. We can also paint, repair, and garden. In fact, our talented congregation is skilled in more than 20 different categories.

In exchange for your tax-deductible donation to our church, one of our talented members will thank you by providing the goods or services you will find listed in our 2023 Heritage Has Talent Catalog starting mid-April, 2023. You provide the donation – we thank you with our talent. Offered for a limited time only during May 2023.

What Can We Do For You?

Friends and Family, browse our Catalog to donate/reserve a talent here.

You can skip the catalog and go directly to the donation/reservation form here starting mid-April.

Members of the congregation, enroll your talent here through April 15, 2023.

Heritage Has Talent 2023 Catalog Coming Soon