Heritage Presbyterian Church 2023 Survey

Heritage Presbyterian Church 2023 Survey

If you are a current member, former member, frequent visitor, or a friend of the church, and have received a hard copy of the survey by mail, please take about 15 minutes to give us your thoughtful and prayerful feedback. The purpose of this survey is to provide guidance to Session in terms of:

•Your opinion of how the church is doing currently
•Your vision for the future of our church
•Areas that should stay the same, improve, or be discontinued
•Generate ideas as to how HPC can best be successful moving forward


Each individual member should submit a completed survey. Choose ONE of the methods listed at the left to submit your answers, which you can do ANONYMOUSLY, if you wish. The survey results will be compiled, and the aggregate results will be reviewed by Session and presented to the congregation.

Note: HPC in the survey refers to Heritage Presbyterian Church.

Please submit your survey by June 18, 2023.