“Building a heritage of teaching, loving, and caring!’

We meet at the Heritage Lodge, located at 19201 N. Canyon Lake Springs Drive, in the Town Lake development in Cypress, Texas.

Heritage Presbyterian Church is a place where our family and friends gather to worship.  So the atmosphere is just what you’d expect at a gathering of family and friends.  Dress is predominantly business casual, but there are plenty of people in jeans and sport shirts.

Amanda and Owen Silva

The atmosphere at Heritage is upbeat, cheerful and friendly.  We’re family-friendly, so children are encouraged to attend the worship service with their parents or guardians.

The music is a blend of traditional hymns and other appropriate music.  Communion (Lord’s Supper) is served monthly and all baptized Christians who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior are invited, welcomed, and encouraged to participate.

Choir 2016



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